Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flowers from Outerspace?

Haha! Made you look, didn't I? Well take a look at this pic, and tell me that you don't think this flower looks like it might have come from outerspace!

Finally, my columbine (aquilegia) is blooming, and although it may have come from space, right now it is enjoying the summer in the Tangled Forest in my backyard. And blooming for the first time ever, now that the deer have stopped repeatedly munching it down to nothing. (I now have a fence!) In fact, many of the plants that I had previously tried to grow to no avail, are now doing well. I can hardly wait for all of them to bloom.


Jen said...


knitsteel said...

It is a gorgeous variety of columbine. For stellar flowers, I also like some varieties of clematis.

Nnairda's said...

It's gorgeous and I like the way you photographed it. Great shot!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Karin said...

Hi! Oscar's handsome and your art is wonderful! I am a creative searching for an outlet and am impressed when I see people creating their visions~ like you!
This is a beautiful picture! I should probably stop taking pictures of the bugs and focus on the beauty around my house, right? :)


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