Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helen of Troy and Oscar the Fearless

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Terrible I know, but I'm back. As you know, I have a recent addition to my family: Oscar the supermodel Norwegian Forest cat. A beautiful and entertaining creature, NFC's are known to be loyal, talkative and I believe they like to play fetch.

In addition to these wonderful aforementioned qualities, they are also excellent hunters, and will stop at nothing to protect their home and loved ones. Especially if your home has been invaded by the dreaded woolly mice. Woolly mice, very dangerous and clever creatures, will endeavor to invade the home - Trojan Horse style - usually hidden in a seemingly harmless household object, such as a roll of toilet paper. Once inside, they will get up to all kinds of devilry, such as building nests in the fur coats of less suspicious cats, usually when they are sleeping.
Anyways, I have recently confirmed that such an attack was indeed scheduled to take place the other night, but wait! Thwarted they were by none other than Oscar The Fearless. Surveillance photos later confirmed the events: Nashford looks on nervously from a high, safe vantage point.

Oscar saves the day!


Rima said...

Hello and thanks for your visit to my blog and kind words :) Pleased to meet you and your fabulous cats!
Bests from Scotland

Karin said...

I am so glad that Oscar is there to protect you and the other cats. I am amazed by his bravery and fearlessness.


Kathryn said...

Such cute kitties, don't you just love the antics!!!!

Nnairda's said...

LOL! Love the shot of Nashford. Too cute!!

Carol said...

He's a minx! Now I know why God made me allergic to cats: I'd have a studio filled with them!!

Chris Stone said...

How cute! why is it that a cat tearing up toilet paper is so adorable? I think cats are masters of the "charm" spell.


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