Friday, June 27, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

Meet Oscar.
The first time I laid eyes on Oscar was about a year ago in a local no-kill rescue. His elderly owner had passed away, and he was brought in. I frequent all of the shelters in the city, and when I spotted him I thought he was a real charmer: fur as fluffy and weightless as a cloud, and a beautiful blue color, a charming demeanor, with amber eyes that seduced. We became fast friends, but I did not bring him home. I was looking for a younger cat, one who would liven things up for my two older cats. He was a bit older.
As time wore on, many cats came and went, but no one chose Oscar. He greeted me warmly every time I went to search for a cat, even when he became quite ill in the shelter-he still raised his head to me. Still, I wanted a younger cat.
I had encountered many cats of varying ages and personalities, as you can imagine. None of them seemed quite right for our household though. My search continued.
Two days ago I was back at the shelter: Oscar was still there-sadly approaching his one year anniversary of being there. I took him out and patted him for a bit while I chatted with the adoption councilor. "I really like him" I said yet again, placing him back into his kennel. "But I really wanted a younger cat. Someone who'll be really playful".
Back in his cage now, I turned to leave, but froze in my tracks as he gave a sharp call. Staring at me, he picked up a little pom pom toy and tossed it in the air. Another meow, and he grabbed a different ball and batted it around, then stopped to stare at me.
I looked at the girl, who stood there with her mouth open. "He's never done that! He's not usually that playful!"
Looking into his face right then, I said "I think I'll be back tomorrow".

Tomorrow arrived, and I bustled back to the shelter, my heart doing flip flops because I was finally going to bring Oscar home. But when I bent down to look into his cage, it was empty and cleaned out. Tears welled, but I figured at least he had finally found a home. I straightened up, swiped a hand discreetly across my eyes, and toured the shelter to mask my disappointment. He wasn't anywhere. Turning to leave, a volunteer walked up to me and asked if I needed a hand with anything.
"I guess someone finally adopted Oscar " I said, trying to sound happy.
"What?" she replied. "No. We just cleaned out his cage. He's in the kennel on the floor in the corner!"

Oscar, a beautiful Norwegian Forest cat, has settled in very nicely to his new forever home.


melody said...

Yay! Our kitties know where they should be, don't they?

Congratulations to Poppy and Oscar!

Pretty Pear Designs said...

Ohh, I got all teary eyed. That was an awesome story and such a beautiful cat. My first dog called out to me from the shelter as well, he had been through 3 homes and was on his last tour of the shelter. We were meant to be and I was lucky enough to have for 8 years.

michico*Adan said...

Very very nice to see Oscar~!!!
Very very beautiful indeed!
Thanks for sharing the touching story for us!

Cherished Dreams said...

What a beauty - a little like my Odin - who was brought to me by someone at my back door. He will absoultley never leave my side. They do know!

Nnairda's said...

Oscar is a sweetie! Beautiful rescue story.


Femme Details said...

Cute story... thanks for sharing!

Frozen Yoga said...

Great story and I'm so happy for you and Oscar! I have a dog from a rescue group and 3 cats - 2 were strays and the other was from a litter of a stray a friend of mine adopted. Animals are such blessings to our homes and I feel like my children have learned so much growing up with them!


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