Monday, January 5, 2009

Etsy Sellers that give back...

I just love Etsy! I love shopping there, I love selling there and I love meeting new, inspiring people there! Just the other day I learned about accessory artist Kathie Stamou - not only does she have an interesting shop, but an incredible story as well:
"I was the regional coordinator for 10 years for a group called "Rock and Wrap It Up!" in the Philadelphia area. This is a food rescue organization started by the son of a Holocaust survivor. They pick up food from backstage at rock concerts and take it to food banks and shelters. I heard about them needing volunteers on an MTV news broadcast in 1994 and was so inspired by Syd Mandelbaum who founded the organization. It felt fantastic to give back to the community - hunger and homelessness are issues which touch me deeply and make me want to take action. We moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2004 and I tried unsuccessfully to start a similar program here. There are too many restrictions and laws that would prevent such a program. I have, instead been involved with the American Women's Cub and International Women's clubs here and helped with thier many philanthropic endeavors. I have been collecting the toiletries that everyone gets when we travel (and we travel a lot here) and bringing them to the shelters instead of food."

WOW! What an inspiring story to start the new year off with! To read more about Kathie and to visit her marvellous shop, check her out here
Happy, healthy and prosperous new year, everyone :)

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Karin said...

Hi I poppy. It's Karin from RQ. We just mentioned you in the watering hole... were wondering how/where you've been. You should stop in again soon!


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