Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jewelry show a great success!

Many thanks to everyone who attended the craft show this past weekend and stopped by to say hello and take a look at my latest collections. Oh and all of the compliments you all sent my way were very encouraging and flattering, so much so that my head swelled up and I could hardly fit my giant ego into the car to go home at the end of the day LOL! But seriously, thanks for your support and appreciation for what I LOVE doing so much-the sales were great that day and it was so nice to chat with some of you instead of just selling online day in and day out. And many thanks as well to the owner of http://www.manicmittens.com who did such a great job of organizing the event-it really was filled with some of Winnipeg's finest artisans and I was very pleased to be among them : )

1 comment:

ManicMittens said...

And a big thank you for attending. I hope to have you at the next great show as well!!


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