Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can you say flexible?

Ummm. Yeah. I know that this pic looks entirely unnatural, but can you say flexible? I was doing a little yoga this morning, and as I was doing Downward Dog, Oscar was observing. Not to be outdone, he can be seen here doing Sideways Cat. He must've thought I was an absolute beginner!


Kathryn said...

Oh, twisted kitties, don't you just love them. My kitties do the same thing and when they are lying there like that I refer to them lovingly as "road kill".

Snitterdog said...

What a cute little kitty! :) I just love yoga-- and kitties! :) a wonderful combination :)

Nnairda's said...


I'm visiting my international blogging friends to get their opinion on patriotism.

Please stop by and give your opinion.

Take care!


jenscloset said...

Oh so cute!!

Kiki said...

Do you ever read He mostly does ANTM write ups, but also does GREAT posts on his cat Winston. Hilarious!

industrialpoppy said...

Thanks for visiting everyone. I'm gonna check out that link kiki, I'm always up for a laugh!


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