Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cancer Foundation-Relay for Life!

"One day the world will be cancer free!"
For those of you following my blog, last night was the big event! Tons of people turned out, which was great because it had been pouring rain all day, and it was very windy and cold. However, as the emcee for the evening put it: "Of course the event will take place in spite of the rain. Rain doesn't stop cancer, does it?"

That about summed up the spirit of the evening, which held a celebratory note in spite of the damp! Hundreds of people for whom neither wind nor sleet nor snow nor hail would keep away, and they were definately there to congratulate each other's win against this horrible disease.

The survivors were the first group to walk a "Victory Lap"-a turn around the track accompanied by bagpipes, and cheered on by friends and family. The rain kindly masked the fact that many tears fell during this heart-warming processional-tears for those loved ones that fought and lost, for those still fighting and unable to attend, and for the victors walking it right there and then.

The survivors, wearing bright yellow shirts and ranging in ages from little children and up, served as a reminder that cancer chooses it's mark indiscriminately, without regard for age or status; it is only through a united effort that we will be able to finally conquer this disease and develop the cures needed for the hundreds of types of cancer that steals away our loved ones.

I was able to finish pieces from my Hope Collection of jewelry, and each member of my mom's team received a commemorative piece-I hope everyone liked them-I certainly enjoyed creating them. Here are a few more pics:


redd said...

I'm so happy that it was good despite the rain!

Nnairda's said...

Sounds like a wonderful event and I'm sure your Mom's team appreciated the beautiful jewelery.

Enjoy your week!


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