Saturday, June 14, 2008

1st peek at the garden!

I've just had a week's worth of holidays, and while the weather was quite rainy for alot of it, there were still a few glorious days. And the garden is not only in, but starting to bloom in pockets as well. Here's the first peek:

And this little guy, who I discovered nestled in the petunias. Once he realized what the pictures were for, he agreed to pose.


Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

What beautiful flowers! It's just now beginning to warm up here, so I'm looking forward to seeing some color soon :)

I love your work! Copper is one of my favorite metals.

redd said...

The picture of the dragonfly is stunning!

Craft Junkie said...

I love the flowers but especially the dragonfly. I adore dragonflies.

As for your work, fabulous! One day I want to learn to work with metal but I think I need to rid my head of all the ideas floating in there of things I already have and know how to work with before I add another technique. lol

Good stuff!


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