Sunday, March 9, 2008

Three Dog Night Hot Water Bottles

I was going to blog about these great hot water bottles, including the new cream-colored one I just made, but it has already sold! I guess cream is the color of choice! I should have known, because almost everything in my own home is very light and airy looking-I find that it is such a joy for me to be in this environment, that some days I don't want to leave here! I love my hot water bottle, but they are also great if you have a pet that is a bit stiff and sore-the heat is very gentle and soothing (great for arthritis).

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Nnairda's said...

What a great idea! I haven't used a water bottle since I was a little girl and my mother would pull it out and use it when we were sick. What wonderful memories this brought back!

I'm off to our Etsy now.


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