Saturday, March 8, 2008

This ain't yo mama's jewelry...

Check out the latest piece in the Morrigan Collection! This chainmaille necklace is a good intro for those of you that are a little unsure of your chainmaille style. It has enough of a Byzantine design for interest, but features a black rubber necklace and grommets for an "alternative" effect. This piece is designed for jeans and a t-shirt or clubbing - either way it is not for the faint of heart, because this will get attention from everyone!
Here is an exerpt from "Morrigan's Story":
Morrigan leaned in to the bartender’s ear, stating her wishes; and he, smiling, turned to fetch her drink. She whirled around to face the room, condensation already beginning to form on the glass from the heat around her. The music, thumping rhythmically, seemed to increase the collective heartbeat of the room, the energy, the desire. Her eyes scanned the crowd for a particular face-she had noticed him earlier and spotting him again, was determined to make an impression. Her fingertips caressed her latest Etsy purchase, an uber-sexy rubber and chainmaille piece that emphasized her long pale neck. She felt herself moving purposefully towards him…

Click on my Etsy link to the right to purchase.

1 comment:

Jinxy & Me said...

I love this necklace - very pretty. But your cats are even cuter!


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