Monday, January 28, 2008


For some strange reason, I got it in my head that maybe spring was know, the snow seemed like it was melting, the sun was shining, stuff like that. So I took my Christmas decorations down. (Don't gasp - last year I didn't get around to it until March!) And I cleaned out my pantry. OK. I didn't just clean it out though, I sorta went psycho-military ocd in there. I transferred a bunch of stuff into identical little glass jars with tight-fitting lids. They are perfectly lined up, each with a cute little oval, hand-written label, so that in three years when I am wondering what the heck is on the shelf, I can simply reach for the jar and read the label. And I'm not kidding about the three years either, 'cause I found this:

With an expiry date of this:

Yikes!!! Clearly not my cereal of choice!


Kim said...

Too funny! I am doing a clean pantry challenge on a chat board. The first thing was to make an inventory. I had no idea I had so much food!

Anonymous said...

Of course you still have cereal from July '05. That's about when you were paperchasing. Who had time to think about eating breakfast?

Love your dragonflies, by the way.


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