Monday, February 11, 2008

At Last!

I can finally say that my new little studio space is ready to go...a couple of extra shelves for storage would be great but that sounds a little like procrastination to me. I also think that it may be a Scorpio trait...the need to "have everything done" in order to do something else. You in order to take two days off in a row, I have to have the house spotless, with no little weird jobs left to do, like ummm, put in a new roll of toilet paper or something.

Seriously, it drives me crazy. You should see the flurry of activity if I am taking a week off! Lots of obscure tasks get done-last holiday week I went so far as to actually condense my two containers of toothpaste into one! Ha Ha! Yessiree, no odd jobs left for me! Ha Ha!

Did that sound as nutty as I think it did?

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