Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Food rant!

Someone I know turned me on to a great food site . Now those of you that know me, know that I love to eat! Not that I'm a food snob, mind you, because while I love good food I also eat junk. A fair amount of it, actually.

So browsing through all of the gorgeous entries from tastespotting, I said to myself:
"Self! How come all of these people have time to search for new recipes (or develop them!)? And then where do they get the time to run around for all of these ingredients? Then make the meal, photograph it-sometimes step-by-step- eat the meal, and then write about it?"
What, exactly, am I doing wrong that I don't have that much free time? I mean, I make lists and cross stuff off when it's done. I am pretty organized, can plan my day down to the minute and come in pretty close on my daily accomplishments. But I don't think I have time to do a food blog, as much as I'd like to! (OK I'll admit I really just want to eat the meal, nevermind the rest of it). But maybe that's the thing-maybe these foodwriters don't have much more time than the rest of us, and need to celebrate their accomplishments with photos and a write-up! If we all needed that much praise, there'd be blogs with before and after pictures of dirty/clean laundry, dirty/clean sinks, messy homes, etc.
Still, I need to eat, and so I'll try, at least for the summer, to have a Food Friday or something like that. Starting with today:

Remember to take time to enjoy your life!


melody said...

looks yummy!

glad you like the site--


nonnasvoice said...

hilarious--and exactly what I think. Somehow in the food blog world it is always sunny, the food always looks perfect, etc, etc. For the most prolific writers, I think they are people with very flexible work situations (free-lance etc) but I don't know that. What I would say is this I don't really spend much time color correcting my pictures and just accept what I get (as such my picts are erratic.), also I almost always use the draft function of blogger, so I might write a few entries one evening and then bank them so it looks like I write each night. And, then as is obvious here, I type VERY quickly.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Return please, and tell me about the Halloumi salad. I hope it was good.

Molly Moo Vintage said...

Saw your blog on an etsy thread and just wanted to stop past and say hi! :)
I love tastespotting too, its highly addictive.

Gwennie said...

Yummy! I love to talk about my cooking adventures! :)


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