Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lily Collection #2 in the Series

Sorry I haven't written in so long! It seems that there is so much to do in the spring, and less hours to do it. (Why is that?)
I have a number of interesting pieces on the go right now, and have just added this one to my shop. Here is a small taste of "Lily's" story part 2:
Allison had been Lily’s closest friend for years. She was the opposite of herself in many ways, yet they always seemed to get along, despite differing viewpoints. Or maybe that was why they got on so well. She handed Ally the box she had brought with her. “Open it, I couldn’t wait until your birthday to give it to you-I was so excited!” Ally peeled apart the layers of wrapping and gasped "Lily! This is gorgeous-it looks like a Chinese antique! Where in the world did you get it?""Oh, I unearthed it one has the symbol for prosperity on it, and the shiny droplets at the bottom represent prosperity raining down on the seemed so perfect for you right now with all of the changes in your life, I had to get it for you!"
During these refreshing, sunny days of spring, may showers of prosperity rain down on you and yours!


Nnairda's said...

I understand about not blogging. It's been awhile for me too. Life moves at you fast.


EuphoriaMoonDesigns said...

Beautiful piece love it.


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