Monday, March 3, 2008


Wow! I am so excited right now! I am currently waiting to adopt as you know, and the way it works is:
-You send in your dossier to China once you have been provincially approved to adopt. You receive what is called a log in date, or LID.
-Chinese officials review dossiers for certain criteria and if you are approved by them, they move your dossier to another room where it awaits matching to a child.
-Dossiers are matched in chronological order from your log in date (mine was Aug 9, 2006). Once you are matched to a child China sends you what is known as a referral.
-The chinese center for adoption has finished sending out referrals for all dossiers with a LID up to Jan 4/2006!

For anyone who may not know, children and their prospective families have been matched up very slowly as of late, so the fact that they have made it to LID's that fall in the year 2006 is a VERY BIG DEAL to everyone in the adoption community-in fact, we are treating it kind of like New Year's right now!


G said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! I find your experiences in travel and the adoption process interesting and would love to interview you if you were interested. Let me know...

elisebeth said...

Congrats on that good news! I hope everything goes well for you!


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